#SOTD – Snoutfit of the Day

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#SOTD – Snoutfit of the Day

Yoooooo Monsters! (And Snort Monsters!)

On Fridays, we’re now bringing you a SNOUTFIT OF THE DAY! You’ve seen #OOTDs (Outfit of the Day), but with #SOTD, we’re adding our own Snortastic spin by sharing outfit ideas using our Snort gear.

One of the many reasons we started Snort Monster was because we believe in the expressive power of the simple t-shirt. Not only are they open canvases to print whatever you desire (like doggies with Snorty faces, for example, ahem ahem), but you can also further express your individuality by using different combinations of tees and accessories. Whether you keep it fast ‘n’ caszh with ripped jeans or dress it up with a brocade skirt (oh yes!), the bottom line is all about expressing yourself and having fun along the way. You know, livin’ that #SnortLife!

It’s a scorcher out there, so our inaugural Snoutfit is one that will keep you both feelin’ and lookin’ cool:


WHOOPS! Sorry about that. Emmett! DUDE! We love you, buddy, but… Outta the way! Okay, let’s try this again:




Tank top: Sun’s Out Tongues Out Unisex Tank ($18)
Shorts: H&M
Shoes: Converse
Bandana: Amazon
Bracelet: Express

We’re not in cahoots with the other brands mentioned. We’re just taking a look at what we have in our closet and piecing together Snoutfit ideas to share with you in hopes that you’ll be inspired to try new Snoutfits with us and to share your own.

If you have your own Snoutfit ideas, we wanna hear from you!

Post your photos on Instagram and tag @snortmonster and #SMsnoutfitoftheday for a chance to win any tee of your choice! Winners will be selected at random on a monthly basis. Submissions must be new and must contain at least one (1) Snort Monster item.

Thanks for reading, and SNORT ON!

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