#SOTD – Snoutfit of the Day

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#SOTD – Snoutfit of the Day


Don’t mind Dr. Emmett Brown. He’s a serial photobomber.


This Snoutfit features our handprinted glow-in-the-dark Snort Tron Blue tee. You know how when you think of “glow-in-the-dark,” you think of that pale green color? Well, what’s awesome about the ink we used for this tee is that it glows the color that it is. So in this case, BLUE! We also have our Snort Tron Red tee, which glows red.

Tee: Snort Tron Blue (On sale from $25 to $20!)
Shorts: Penguin
Sunglasses: Hot Topic
Watch: Fossil
Shoes: Converse



We’re not in cahoots with the other brands mentioned. We’re just taking a look at what we have in our closet and piecing together Snoutfit ideas to share with you in hopes that you’ll be inspired to try new Snoutfits with us and to share your own.

If you have your own Snoutfit ideas, we wanna hear from you!

Post your photos on Instagram and tag @snortmonster and #SMsnoutfitoftheday for a chance to win any tee of your choice! Winners will be selected at random on a monthly basis. Submissions must be new and must contain at least one (1) Snort Monster item.

Thanks for reading, and SNORT ON!

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