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Show your love of Boston Terriers of different colors! This new litter is hand screen printed in 5 (count 'em, 5!) colors using the discharge method on American Apparel Coffee Unisex Tri-Blend Short Sleeve Track Shirt.

They are also pre-washed and tumble dried, for your immediate wearing pleasure. This beautifully muted design is perfect for those days you're fixin' to wear a cozy tee with just the right touch of color. Super soft and super pawesome!


We had three things we wanted to raise in designing and printing the Cypress Love tee:

1.) Awareness of Boston Terriers of color.
2.) Awareness of the existence of truly responsible breeders.
3.) Donations for The Texas Boston Terrier Rescue.

There are Boston Terriers of different colors!

Say whaaaaaat! We KNOW, crazy-cool, right? Until last year, we had no idea! But there are full-on, true, 100% Boston Terriers that are red, blue, lilac, chocolate, and even albino. (Our very own Emmett the Boston Terrier is a beautiful, handsome, and healthy lilac boy.)

Boston Terriers of color are not new or rare. In fact, they are historic to the breed in that they have been around since the conception of the Boston Terrier in the late 1800s. Breeds like the English Bulldog, English White Terrier (now extinct), French Bulldog, and Bull Terrier have been mentioned in vintage articles of being used to set type of the BT. In foundational years when all colors were allowed to conformationally show in American Kennel Club (AKC), there were even colored Boston Terrier champions in the AKC.

So next time you see a Boston Terrier of non-traditional coloring, you'll know they're true-blue (or red, or lilac, or chocolate, or albino) Boston!

There are actually responsible breeders out there. Oh yes.

Jeff and I are aware that the very idea of dog breeding is a hot button issue and a particularly sensitive subject, especially at a time when support for rescued dogs is higher than ever. We at Snort Monster passionately support the dedicated work that rescues do to help abused and neglected dogs in need. In fact, we give $1 of every shirt sold from the Snort Shop to a different Snort-themed doggie rescue every month. And our very own Ariel the Frenchie is a rescue from the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue. Despite this, we lost some fans when they found out Angel and Emmett were from breeders and not rescued Snort Monsters. Although it hurt, we ultimately understand and respect that dog-lovers do feel strongly about this issue. However, we are here to share our own findings that, despite there being shady breeders out there, there are also breeders who protect the integrity and uphold the strictest of health standards of the breeds they represent. We consider ourselves lucky to have met one.

When Jeff and I first launched Snort Monster last spring, we hoped we would meet customers who were just as passionate about Snort-faced doggies as we are. Little did we know we would meet one who was not only just as passionate about Snort Monsters, but exceedingly knowledgeable about them as well! That individual came to us in the form of the bright, intelligent, vibrant, and ridiculously knowledgeable Texan, Krystin Johansen. Krystin and her Mom, Linda, lovingly own Cypress Farm Kennel, where for over 30 years of experience breeding pups, and then 10 years of breeding Boston Terriers specifically, they uphold the strictest and most stringent standards in health testing for Boston Terrier puppies.

The Johansens do not mess around with health testing and do not cut corners in any aspect of their program. When Krystin first told us this, Jeff and I said, “Oh, cool, so you take them to the vet to get the thumbs up.” Yes. But that doesn't even scratch the surface of the rigorous and thorough program of health testing they do with all Cypress puppies. They check for patellar luxation (healthy knees), canine eye disease, juvenile hereditary cataracts, and deafness. Krystin is a cited and highly respected expert in the field, and her knowledge is often sought out by published authors who write about the breed.

The dams, sires, and puppies of Cypress are treated better than royalty. The puppies are born and raised inside the Johansen home where the puppies have full access to their Snort mamas and papas. Fresh food, vitamins, clean water, clean beds, and lots of loving are never in short supply. And when the puppies are ready, they have lots of open grass to romp around in. Cypress upholds non-negotiable timing for how long the puppies are weaned and when the puppies can go to their new homes. (8 weeks, son!)

And the adoption process is not unlike applying for a high security government position. There is an extensive application, a phone interview, and follow-up questions. Full access to records and paperwork is gladly given before you can say, “May I,” and weekly progress photos are sent to you, so you can keep up with your growing puppy as he reaches the right age before he can go home in your loving arms. There's even a box full of toys and vitamins that comes home with your brand new happy, and healthy Cypress puppy. Cypress will also give you all paperwork on your new pup, as well as send you the application to register your new puppy with the AKC once confirmation of your pup's alteration (spay/neuter) has taken place.

You can read more about Cypress Farm Kennel and the Johansens on their website or LIKE their Facebook page Colored Boston Terriers for daily doses of CBT cuteness. Krystin enthusiastically welcomes any questions about Boston Terriers, so feel free to reach out to her for any inquiries by emailing

All we're saying is that it is possible to be positive about both rescues and responsible breeders. The worlds aren't mutually exclusive, and we all definitely can get along to ultimately share in the love of Snort-faced breeds that we are all passionate about.

And that brings us to our next point:

Until October 10, 2014, these shirts are exclusively going to help the Texas Boston Terrier Rescue!

When we first connected with Krystin, one of the first orders of business she had with us was connecting us with a rescue so they could be the first benefactors of our Friends of Snort Monster program. That rescue was the Texas Boston Terrier Rescue (previously the Texas Gulf Coast Boston Terrier Rescue). Krystin is a huge supporter of the TBTR. She has helped with transport in the past and has hosted auctions on the Boston Terriers of Color Facebook page to help benefit the rescue. Krystin's favorite part of the TBTR is that they do not believe in high adoption fees and instead have a set inexpensive adoption fee of $50 that is blanketed for all of their adoptables.

Rescue support is a huge part of Cypress Farm Kennel's program. For the last two years with every litter they produce, Cypress Farm Kennel has donated a portion of money received for puppy placement to Boston Terrier rescues all over the United States, which now totals almost $4700 as of September 2014. Even when we started brainstorming about the idea of a Snort Monster+Cypress t-shirt team-up, Krystin insisted that any cut she would receive would actually go to the Texas Boston Terrier Rescue instead.

We support the TBTR not only for their stellar work with rescuing Boston Terriers, but also for the fact that they recognize there are breeders out there who care for the well-being of the breed and who love working hand-in-hand with rescues to give love to all Boston Terriers.

The TBTR was our first rescue in our Friends of Snort Monster program, and you can read more about the dedicated rescue work they do here.


The Johansens' roots are in Southern Louisiana, which boast beautiful Cypress trees lining the bayous. A Cypress tree was the perfect element to frame the design. We then combined the Cypress namesake, a fleur de lis (the official symbol of Louisiana state), and an array of colorful stylized Boston Terrier puppies, each hand screen printed with a different color to reflect the rainbow of Boston colors in existence.


Krystin is 6'-2″ and is sporting a unisex size Medium.
Jeff is 6'-2″ tall and is wearing a unisex size Large.

Photography by Fusion Fotography. Huge Snortastic thanks to you, Marco!
Visit Fusion's website and Facebook page for more of their fabulous work!

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