Snort Monster Launches!

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Snort Monster Launches!

After 6 months of pouring blood, snort, and tears, we are so excited to be finally launching our new venture that we have lovingly named Snort Monster! Snort Monster is a t-shirt retail company for people who love snort-faced doggies and killer design with a homegrown touch. We are Jeff and Aireen, and we’re a husband and wife team whose love for our happy little Boston Terrier, Angel, has inspired us to make snort-themed shirts in our cozy home studio that we built out of a dusty ol’ guestroom (which was basically Jeff’s glorified closet).

Through the magic of social media, we will be sharing our Snort Monster shirt designing adventures with you. We’ll give sneak peeks of new and upcoming designs as well as a look into our design and printing process. (And it’s not all smooth and easy, so trust us when we say that’ll be fun to watch.) We will also engage with fans on feedback on designs. Since we print our shirts by hand, we will print in small batches, and it will make it easy for us to quickly respond to fan feedback. We’re still learning quite a bit, and we’re excited to share our discoveries with you. Thank you for reading, liking, and following!

Another huge part of Snort Monster is our dedication to fellow snorts. A few dollars of sales from each shirt will go to charities for brachycephalic dogs. Since snort faced doggies bring us so much love and happiness, we want to make sure they continue to bring as much joy to other people.

So grab a shirt, and live the Snort Monster lifestyle with us!


A HUGE, special thanks goes to our Monster of Code, Laura Oldham, the genius behind El-Be Social Marketing. Without her, Snort Monster could not have happened. We love you, Laura! :D!!

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