Chicago French Bulldog Rescue

Chicago French Bulldog Rescue (CFBR) was launched to protect French Bulldogs from neglect, abuse, loss of family and theft. They rescue them from animal shelters and puppy mills. They help families and individuals that can no longer care for their Frenchies. They are shepherds of the breed working to educate about French Bulldogs and most importantly, placing rescued Frenchies into loving homes. CFBR can only survive on the generosity of your donations.

The CFBR has a special place in our hearts, since the Frenchie light in our life, Ariel, found her way to us through them. We were able to see their utmost dedication, care, knowledge of, and devotion to the French Bulldog breed firsthand. We know that Ariel could not have had the wonderful care she was provided by her foster mom, Jill, and that CFBR president Mary Scheffke would not be able to lead this dedicated organization without the Rescue being fueled by dedicated donors. Even if you don’t want a Snort Monster tee, please donate what you can to the loving volunteers of the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue.
From September 5th to October 4th, 2013, $1 from each t-shirt you purchase will help the wonderful and dedicated work of the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue.

Support their great work and order your favorite Snort Monster shirt today! You can also find out more about the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue at their website: or follow them on Facebook.

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