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The Boston Terrier Rescue Team of the Carolinas is a new 501c3 rescue group that was founded in December 2012 by a bunch of dedicated, like minded people.

They rescue Boston Terriers and Boston mixes in North Carolina, South Carolina, George, and Virginia. They work with four other Boston rescues and several all-breed rescues to ensure that no Boston dies in a shelter in these states.

The BTRTOC also accepts owner surrenders when they can. In their 14 months in operation, they’ve rescued over 60 Bostons and Boston mixes and have adopted out over 30 of them. They have a wider variety of dogs looking for homes from 2- week old puppies (who they care for until they are mature enough to go into a new forever home) up to 11-year-old seniors.

BTRTOC never turns down a dog in a shelter no matter the age or health issue.

From February 1st to February 28th, 2014, $1 from each t-shirt you purchase will help the wonderful and dedicated work of the Boston Terrier Rescue Team of the Carolinas.

Support their great work and order your favorite Snort Monster shirt today! You can also find out more about the Boston Terrier Rescue Team of the Carolinas at their website: or follow them on Facebook.