We love Snort Monsters!

Since snort faced doggies bring us so much love and happiness, we want to make sure they continue to bring as much joy to other people. That’s why we are committed to donating $1 of each shirt sold to brachycephalic (snort faced :D) doggie charities.

Since launching Snort Monster, we’ve been pleased to discover there are so many doggie charities out there that are dedicated to helping our four-legged smush-faced friends. We would like to help out as many of these charities as possible with the sales of our apparel so that these dedicated volunteers can continue to make the world a happier, snortier place by promoting the well-being of precious snort monsters.

If you represent a brachycephalic rescue and would like to become a Friend of Snort Monster, we’d love to have you! Just email us with information about your rescue, your rescue’s website, and how you are affiliated with the rescue. Thank you, and we look forward to hearing about all the wonderful work you’re doing for our snorty friends!