(Updated: 04/08/2014)

How do you print your shirts?

We use a single screen printing press to print each and every shirt by hand with love, care… and lots of snorts! (The snorting is usually done by Angel, Ariel, and Emmett. And sometimes one of us, especially if one of us says something funny.)

With doing each shirt by hand, every single shirt is unique and, although we do strive for consistency, the fun part is in the little quirks and differences between two shirts. So, rest assured that you’re getting great quality as well as the fun of having a different shirt from the next person’s.

How do you come up with your designs?

It helped start this company, and it helps fuel the creativity that goes into the designs: Our love for snort-faced doggies! We come up with shirts that we would enjoy wearing and for styles that catch our eyes. But a business isn’t very helpful if you’re just doing it for yourself, right? So we strive to create bold and simple designs that we feel other people can enjoy too.

How often do you change your designs?

We plan on keeping it fresh by updating our designs as often as we can. How often, exactly? Well, we might decide to create a limited edition design to commemorate a highly anticipated movie premiere, to celebrate holidays, or to print up our latest random inspirations. (We can be inspired by the silliest things, like a funny phrase we might overhear on the train or grocery store. And people say really funny things on the train and grocery store.)

Since we’re printing the shirts by hand, our designs will be available in small batches, and we might or might not decide to print it again. So if you see a design that strikes your Snorting fancy, snatch it up quick before we decide we have to print up the next awesome thing!

What is a Limited Edition Pre-order Exclusive item?

With Limited Edition Pre-order Exclusives, we only print as many items as are pre-ordered. We announce for a period of time (usually for 2 weeks) that we are taking pre-orders for a certain item. Then, when that time period has ended, we will stop taking orders and then place our order for blank shirts with American Apparel. We’ll wait for the shirts to arrive, and then print away! Since we are only printing the shirts exclusively for customers that have pre-ordered, all sales are final, with no exchanges or refunds.

We usually offer Limited Edition Pre-order Exclusives for seasonal items around the holidays. What’s fun about these is that they are one-of-a-kind and will never be printed again. They’re printed with love just for you!

Why the Boston Terrier for the logo?

Besides our personal love for the breed, the Boston Terrier was the 1st AKC-recognized breed, officially recognized in 1893. It is a highly intelligent and friendly breed. Its alert expression shows its constant readiness for action. A feature that shows this is its eyes. They are wide and alert and serve as clear windows into its perceptibility.

The Boston Terrier’s distinctive markings give the breed a sharp and stylish look, so much so that it bears the honorable nickname of “The American Gentleman.”

The Boston Terrier is also known for its playfulness, friendliness, loyalty, and its delightfully impeccable comic timing. This breed knows not just how to jump, crawl, and roll over, but it also knows how to have a good time. And it looks damn good doing it.

How old is Angel, Ariel, and Emmett?

Angel is a healthy 10-years-old in people years. Her birthday is on April 6th, which is the date Snort Monster officially launched! Ariel is 5-years-old. Her birthday is on September 4th. And last but not least (he’ll let you know it with his excitable, wiggly butt!), Emmett is aaaaalmost 1-year-old. His birthday is on July 10th.

Where does Snort Monster ship?

We currently ship to the US and select countries. If we don’t ship to where you are, send us an email at and we will work on making it happen.

Who delivers for Snort Monster?

We ship all items via the United States Postal Service. We offer a variety of shipping options for both domestic and international customers. The cost of each option depends on the products in your order and the shipping destination.

What are the terms and conditions that I am agreeing to when I purchase a shirt?

The terms and conditions are summed up here in the Terms and Conditions. We highly recommend reading through all of them before placing an order.

What kind of shirts do you print on?

We use American Apparel Tri-Blend T-Shirts. (Ooooh, so sooooft!) The Dudes shirts are unisex, while the Dolls shirts are more fitted.

I’m not sure what size t-shirt I should order. Is there a size chart I can reference?

There is a link to our size chart on each shirt page. Just click the gray “Size Chart” icon that looks like a little ruler.

How do I know if something is out of stock? (We get bummed out by this too!)

When an item is out of stock, our “Oh no! Sold Out!” inventory icon will be displayed on the product page for the size and style that is sold out. If you were lucky and your order went through successfully, the item was in stock, and you will receive your order. Whew!

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