Jeff Aireen and the Snort Monsters of Snort Monster

This is our favorite impromptu family portrait we took in early September 2013 right after we got Emmett. The three Snorty siblings have tons of fun together!

Jeff of Snort Monster with Bostons

We love meeting and playing with other Bostons at our local meetup group. Here’s Jeff enjoying a bevy of Bostons! (That’s Angel at the bottom right.)

Meet Jeff and Aireen… And Angel, Ariel and Emmett!

Aireen (Monster of Design): Alex the Boston Terrier changed my life when I was 9 years old. Not a lot of kids knew about Bostons then, and between me being the new girl in town and Alex being the “weird-looking monster,” she and I formed a close bond. Her fearless personality taught me to celebrate anything creative, different, and unique, including myself and others. I always expressed my love for Bostons through art, so it was only a matter of time before my Snort Monster adventure would begin. Now I share three Snort Monsters named Angel, Ariel, and Emmett with my husband / life partner / awesome partner in crime, Jeff.

Jeff (Monster of Operations): After meeting Aireen, it became apparent that Bostons were a huge part of her life. With Angel’s loving nature, cuteness, and quirks, it didn’t take long for me to become a big B.T. fan and a dedicated Boston daddy. We started meeting more fellow fans of B.T.’s and other brachycephalic dogs, so we saw a need for bold, universally appealing apparel (say that 5 times fast!) that people could proudly wear as a nod to other fans. Being creative and entrepreneurial people, Aireen and I were inspired to launch Snort Monster. We threw ourselves in it 110%. We even built a dedicated screen printing Studio in our own house, all by ourselves! (Well, we had some help from my dad, Old Timer.) We channeled love, sweat, and bold design to bring you Snort Monster!

Since snort faced doggies bring us so much love and happiness, we wanted to make sure they continue to bring as much joy to other people. That’s why we are working with snort-faced doggie charities to donate $1 of each shirt sold to help keep as many snort monsters happy and healthy.

We thank you for your support, and we hope you enjoy your hand-printed Snort Monster t-shirt!

Angel (Monster of Snorting): I’m the original Snort Monster, and I approve of this endeavor that honors my fellow Snort Monsters. (You see, every action in my household requires my approval.) I enjoy car rides, going out, performing tricks (my favorite being “Bang! aka Play Dead”), couch time, and cuddle time in bed with Jeff and Aireen. I am also an effective squirrel and rabbit chaser. I can also rock a pearl necklace while kicking all kinds of butt. As we like to say at Snort Monster, SNORT ON!

Ariel (Monster of Snorting): I’m the Frenchie Snort Monster, and I’m really happy I got treats this morning. I enjoy eating, playing with my little brother Emmett, chasing down tennis balls and bunnies, watching tennis on TV, and cuddling in bed with Mom and Dad. I am also an ambassador for the Chicago French Bulldog Rescue, since that’s where my Mom and Dad got me. Shoutout to CFBR director, Mary Scheffke, and my foster family – Jill, Mark, and my human foster sister who named me – Reese!

Emmett (Monster of Snorting): I’m the youngest and newest Snort Monster, and I’m a lilac Boston Terrier! I am an ambassador for Boston Terriers of all colors. Shoutout to Krystin Johansen, leading the charge in loving Bostons of every hue, from black to blue. I enjoy romping around chasing big bouncy balls in the yard, cuddling with my big sister, Ariel, and playing tug-of-war with my other big sister, Angel, and cuddling everywhere with Mom and Dad. My full name is “Dr. Emmett Brown,” after Mom’s favorite movie of all time, ‘Back to the Future’!